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Entertainment in Halong
Sport in Ha Long
Cultural Centres in Ha Long
Hoang Gia International Park or Royal Park runs along Bai Chay Beach, from Bai Chay Tourist Wharf to Hạ Long Night Market. It is a comprehensive resort totaling 8 ha including  Zone A, Zone B, Zone C,  Royal Villas and Hotels. Restaurants in the park serve European, Chinese, and Vietnamese food and seafood. You can enjoy yourself to the fullest with the entertainment and recreation services: 400 m artificial beach, bars and bathing services center, emergency station, park, garden of birds and orchids, archery grounds, cactus, sensation train, ghostly house, discotheque, karaoke bar, electronic car, art gallery, open-air stage, water puppetry and traditional music and singing; museum; quay for sight-seeing tours.
Some entertainment and relaxation centers in Halong City Area
In Halong there are souvenirs of a diverse variety: local arts and crafts from coal, wood, horn items, brocade and embroidered items, glassware, porcelain and sea products (pearls, sea shells etc.) as well as electrical and photographic accessories, and post cards. Traditional souvenirs of Quangninh are porcelain, ceramics, embroidery and arts and crafts from coal, wood and other natural products.
Souvenir shops:
Like other coastal areas of North Vietnam, Halong has a wide variety of seafood specialties. The most popular are:
Apart from bars and cafes in the larger hotels, there are many other cafes:
Popular rice and noodle restaurants: (with seafood).
Specialties in Ha Long: arca, oysters, shellfish.
Seafood specialty restaurants in Ha Long.
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