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Routes and transportation to Halong
Tourists can arrive in Halong by:
I. Hanoi - Halong

Tourists can arrive in Halong by:

- High-class minibus from Hanoi to Baichay bus station, departs from Gia Lam bus station, Hanoi every 20 minutes. The bus journey takes about three and a half hours.

- One slow train a day. Departure from Yen Vien station (Hanoi) at 5.15am.
  Seven hours journey time. Tel: 04.845369.

- Helicopter: Belonging to Northern Flight Services
173 Truong Chinh Road, Hanoi
Tel: 04. 5633110
Departure: from Bach Mai Airport (Hanoi) to the Guesthouse of Marine Navigation (Baichay).

- From Hochiminh City and other provinces in the south, tourists can travel to Halong via Hanoi by land, rail and air.

II. Haiphong - Halong

There are buses from Haiphong to Baichay every day. The bus journey takes about two hours.

- There are 4 slow boat trips and 2 fast trips, per day, departing from Binh Mooring Stage (Haiphong) to Halong.
Binh Mooring Stage, Haiphong
Tel: 031.842927

- Departure from Halong to Haiphong
Hon Gai Port, Halong City
Tel: 033.825187

III. Halong - Catba

Thong Nhat ship: 1 trip per day
Departure from Hon Gai Port
Tel: 033.825187

Stops at Cat Hai (2 hours) - transfer to another ship for Cat Ba (1 hour).

Departure from Baichay Tourist Wharf: the ship goes directly to Cat Ba.

IV. Mongcai - Halong

- Buses depart Mongcai to Halong every 30 minutes. The bus journey takes about four and a half hours. Tel: 033.881226.

- 1 hydrofoil trip per day.

Departure from a mooring stage in Baichay (400m west from Baichay ferry, in front of the Van Hai hotel) traveling via Halong, Vangia Port, and mooring at Muingoc Landing Stage.
The journey takes 1 hour 30 minutes.
Tel: 033.883988

V. China - Halong

- From Dong Hung Border gate:
Through the border gate to Mongcai, then by one of the routes, via land or water to Halong.

- From Bang Tuong Border gate:
From Lang Son, pass through the border gate, then to Bacninh by road No 18A or rail from Langson railway Station to Kep railway station (Bac Giang) to Hanoi and then to Halong.

- Or from Langson, tourists can follow Road No. 4B to Tien Yen. From Tienyen turn onto Highway 18 to Halong.

- From HaKhau Border gate: pass through the border gate to Laocai and from Laocai  go on to Hanoi and then Halong.

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