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Name: Tày
Region: Towns: Cẩm Phả, Uông Bí; Districts: Hải Hà, Đông Triểu, Ba Chẽ, Vân Đồn, Hoành Bồ
Customs and habits: They live in villages and hamlets, either along stream shores or in plains and valleys. Houses were formerly built on stilts, but today modern changes can be seen in construction. For the Tày, the most characteristic practice is also the cult of ancestors, with the most important duties belonging to the “family-chief”
Language: Tày - Nùng
Culture: The popular literature and arts of ethnic groups are also extremely distinct. There are many unique legends, poems and songs, with themes ranging from nature to familial and social relationships which is expressed by "Nùng Trí Cao" "Nàng Khuây", "Pú Luông - Già Cai" stories; Musical instrument: Tính.
Traditional clothing: the Tày wear short jackets, long robes, skirts, trousers, belts, turbans, cloth shoes and jewellery. These are mainly of a black or deep blue colour.
Economy: Their main means of living are agriculture and animal breeding.
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