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San Diu
Name:  Sán Dìu
Region: In the lowland of the province: Cẩm Phả, Uông Bí, Hải Hà, Tiên Yên, Ba Chẽ, Hoành Bồ, Ðông Triêu.
Customs and habits: They can mainly be found living in villages and hamlets. Houses feature walls and roofs of hooked tiles. The Sán Dìu practices the cult of ancestors, and also worship their own particular genies.
Language: Hán language.
Culture: There are many unique legends, poems and songs, with themes ranging from nature to familial and social relationships which is expressed "King Toad" story; dance: "stick dance". Musical instruments: "Tù Và" is made by buffalo's horns, Flute "sôna" made by snail's shell.
Traditional clothing: The Sán Dìu has gradually adopted the Kinh style of dress.
Economy: The Sán Dìu engages in rice farming practices with high level.
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