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Name: Nùng.
Region: Uông Bí Town, Tiên Yên and Ba Chẽ districts.
Customs and habits: The Nùng mainly worship their ancestors, spirits, saints, Confucius, and Kwan Yin. Nùng villages are often built on hillsides.
Language: The Nùng language resembles the Tày belongs Tày -Thái language.
Culture: The Nùng have abundant folk arts and cultural activities including folk songs and alternative songs. The smooth melodies of Sli songs are harmonious with the natural sounds of the forests and mountains. This type of folk song is a combination of verse and music. The “Lông Tông Ceremony” (Going to the Fields) is very well known and attracts many people of all ages. This ceremony is always organised during the first month of the lunar year.
Traditional clothing: The Nùng mainly wear indigo attire.
Economy: The Nùng live mainly on rice and corn. They also grow fruit trees such as tangerines and persimmons, and anise.
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