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Name:  Hoa (Hán)
Region: Towns: Cẩm Phả, Uông Bí, Móng Cái; Districts: Đầm Hà, Hải Hà, Đông Triều.
Customs and habits: The Hoa build houses with three compartments and two lean-tos and live close together. Families of a same lineage always reside together. In a Hoa family, the husband is the head of the household and the right to inherit is reserved for the sons. The eldest son always gets the greater part of the property.
In all villages and hamlets, there are temples, pagodas, and shrines built for worshipping. Parents plan marriage arrangements for their children, and early marriages are common. The choice of a husband or a wife is often based on the desires of the family to have equal social standing or is dictated by business considerations. Funerals must go through several rituals.
Language: The Hoa language belongs to the Hán language group.
Culture: The Hoa loves singing “son ca”, musical plays. They have many musical instruments such as horns, clarinets, drums, flutes, cymbals, castanets, Chinese four-chord lute, and zither...
Traditional clothing: Hoa men wear clothing.  Hoa women wear trousers, five-panelled vests, and short-sleeve shirts.
Economy: The Hoa practise various occupations including agriculture, handicrafts, trading, fishing, and salt making. Hoa farmers have a long tradition of cultivating submerged fields. They also work as labourers, teachers, and cadres.
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