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Exit and Entry Procedure
Exit and Entry Procedure in Ha Long.
1. Vietnamese and Chinese tourist companies are delivered a Tourist Card to use during their travels in Vietnam.

 2. These Tourist Cards are documents delivered only for Chinese citizens with a pass to Vietnam.
- They are used only once, valid for no more than 30 days, and their validity shall not be extended.
- The tourist using the Tourist Card must pay a fee equal to the lowest price for an entrance visa to Vietnam by sea.

 3. Chinese tourists using the card may come to Vietnam via borders of Móng Cái, Hòn Gai Port (Quang Ninh Province), Huu Nghi, Ðông Ðang (Lang Son Province), Hà Khâu (Lào Cai Province), Tà Lùng (Cao Bang Province), Thanh Thuy (Hà Giang Province) and Hai Phòng Port (Hai Phòng City).

  4. Provinces and cities allowed to receive Chinese tourists with the Tourist Card are Lào Cai, Cao Bang, Hà Giang, Lang Son, Quang Ninh, Hai Phòng and Hà Nôi. Tourism companies in provinces where there are sufficient conditions to receive foreign tourists will be stipulated by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism. This gives the right to use this card on the basis of contracts with Chinese Tourism Companies. The list of tourists must be informed in advance to the immigration office. 
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Banks in Ha Long(11/19/2007)
Ha noi
Condition:Mostly Cloudy
Temp: 59 °F| 3 °C
Ho Chi Minh
Condition:Scattered Clouds
Temp: 77 °F| 25 °C
Bach Long Vi
Temp: 59 °F| 15 °C
Da Nang
Temp:  °F| °C