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Name: Dao (Thanh Y, Thanh Phán)
Region: Occupying the highlands
Customs and habits: Their dwellings are either earthen houses or mixed (half earthen, half on stilts). The Dao believe that in all creatures there are souls called hon or vân. When a living creature dies, its soul separates from the body and becomes a phantom. They believe the world is occupied by these wandering souls, and practice the cult of ancestors to honour them.
Language: Mông-Dao
Culture: The popular literature and arts of ethnic groups are also extremely distinct. There are many unique legends, poems and songs, with themes ranging from nature to familial and social relationships which is expressed by "Two Sisters" "Catching Sprite" stories. Rich and attractive dances include the Dance of the Bells and Drum Dance; musical instruments: Drum, Gong, Bell.
Traditional clothing: long robes, trousers, large belts, turbans and leggings. Clothes are usually black or deep blue.
Economy: and their means of survival is essentially agriculture. Today, a few households have turned to forestry, wet rice growing or domestic animal breeding.
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